Native Promises vs Bluebird

I’ve been asked, on more than one occasion, about moving to ES6’s native Promises as opposed to using a third party library such as When or Bluebird. In every occasion surprise was expressed when my response was that I intend to continue using Bluebird over native Promises.

Some express surprise over not using native Promises, at times citing concerns that third party Promise libraries might not be as performant as Native Promises but, IMHO, this is a poor decision metric as: a) Promises are mostly used in conjunction with external resources (think DB or API queries) - the bottleneck isn’t the Promise implementation; b) third party Promise implementations are leaner and more performant than Native Promises - at least for now.

My answer always focused on the additional benefits and “sugar” provided by third party libraries when compared to the sparse implementation of Native Promises.

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