As a software developer, I keep current by applying new technologies on side projects. Follows is a list of recent open sourced side projects where I experimented with various frameworks, libraries and techniques.

Active Projects


A Soap Lye Calculator for soap making - yes, just like Fight Club. Also a recipe, oil database and a community website.

Comprises of two sub-projects:

Experimented in using Webpack with Babel (for ES6 goodness) on the server.

Retired Projects

Soundcloud Top 100 Charts

Scrapes Soundcloud daily and calculates the top 1,000 chart based on track playbacks. Also saves daily track statistics.

A project I used to become familiar with HapiJS, AngularJS and later ReactJS. Comprises of three projects:


  • Developing a custom HTML5 Audio player that is mobile friendly. Soundcloud’s playback widget had issues where tracks could not be auto-played on mobiles and tablets.
  • collecting statistics on the ~80,000 tracks that are uploaded to Soundcloud on a daily basis.


My first AngularJS and my last Ruby on Rails project. Main challenges included:

  • Scrapping and categorising unstructured text from the Houses of Parliament Hansard website.
  • Developing a Rails application using service objects.


A large Shutterstock like Ruby on Rails application allowing media owners to upload and sell images, video and audio files.

Challenged included:

  • Using Imagemagick and FFMPEG to convert uploaded image, audio and video files.
  • Building a background processing queue for all uploaded assets.

Recipe Trees

A cooking oriented website with an ingredients and recipe database. Challenges and features:

  • An ingredient database with nutritional information per ingredient. Recipe nutritional information was auto-calculated.
  • Employing a DAG to link related ingredients. Viewing the plumb tomato page would also show tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, etc… plus all recipes that included related ingredients.
  • Ability for members to fork a recipe (just like on github) and rendering a graph showing forked recipes.

DarkFall Sage

A community based website for the Darkfall MMORPG developed using Ruby on Rails. Main features and challenges:

  • Employing the Google Maps Javascript API to render a zoomable in-game map - an example for WOW.
  • Mapping player submitted game objects (i.e. mobs, loot, etc) onto the in-game map.
  • Allowing players to create their own guilds, which could create their own forums with access permissions based on guild affiliations.


A community based website for the Fallen Earth MMORPG developed using Ruby on Rails and Community Engine. Fallen Earth employs a sophisticated crafting system where objects are recursively constructed from BOM like sub-components.

The main goal of this website was to document all in-game crafting schematics and construct a dependency tree of all craftable objects and provide information such as: total resources required; total build time, total build costs, etc