AngularJS / ES6 / Webpack

I first started using ES6 and Webpack a few months ago whilst working with React on Soapee and ever since I’ve been finding myself missing using ES6 and Webpack when writing code for Node.js and AngularJS.

This posts presents my research on existing ES6/AngularJS seed projects and my own attempts of using ES6 and Webpack on an AngularJS single page application.

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This blog post is based on my experiences developing a Commentable widget (more on this later) first using Backbone.js and more recently, AngularJS.

A Polymorphic Commentable Widget?

To be specific, it is:

  • some Javascript + HTML that allows a website visitor to add a comment on a specific page
  • the commenting functionality is not tied to any specific object. In other words, the same code can be used to comment against an Article, a Cat Photo or any business object without any modification
  • the same code should display previous comments in a nested fashion
  • provide a facility to reply to a comment
  • provide a facility to edit or delete any of your own comments

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